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Supercharge Your Business with Lifetime Power CRM

Want to grow your Business Exponentially? Start Managing leads, Customers, Invoices, Staff, and 50+ Business Assets at one place

Customer Relationship Management software that is highly suitable for a wide range of applications, including small businesses, freelancers, and various other uses.

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Features And Benefits

Explore the awesome Power CRM features that will help you get your business to the next level.

Regular Price ₹9999/Year

Next Live Sale will Start Soon, Please Join Our Community to get Notified

Wheelable Script + Get 100% Reselling Rights

Own it 2999/- Lifetime

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Unlock Your Business Potential with Lifetime CRM: Streamline, Scale, and Succeed

  • Enhanced Customer Relationships

    Power CRM helps you build stronger and more personalized relationships with your customers. It allows you to store important customer data, interactions, and preferences, enabling you to tailor your communications and services to their needs.

  • Improved Sales and Revenue

    By streamlining your sales processes and providing valuable insights, Power CRM empowers your sales team to close deals more efficiently and effectively. This leads to increased sales and revenue for your business.

  • Efficient Lead Management:

    Power CRM simplifies lead tracking and management. You can prioritize and nurture leads, ensuring that you don't miss out on valuable opportunities, ultimately boosting your conversion rates.

  • Time and Cost Savings

    Automation features in Power CRM automate repetitive tasks, such as data entry and follow-up emails, saving your team valuable time. This efficiency leads to cost savings and allows your team to focus on higher-value activities.

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making

    Power CRM provides valuable insights into your business operations, customer behavior, and sales trends. These insights help you make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

  • Streamlined Communication

    Centralize communication within your organization. With Power CRM, you can easily collaborate and share information, ensuring everyone is on the same page and delivering a consistent customer experience.

  • Customization to Your Needs

    Power CRM is highly customizable, allowing you to adapt the system to your unique business processes and industry requirements. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution but tailored to your specific needs.

  • Scalability

    Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, Power CRM can grow with your business. You can add users, features, and integrations as your business expands.

  • Customer Support and Service

    Deliver exceptional customer support with Power CRM's ticketing and helpdesk features. You can track and resolve customer inquiries more efficiently, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

  • Competitive Advantage

    By implementing a CRM solution like Power CRM, you gain a competitive edge. You can offer superior customer experiences, respond faster to market changes, and outperform competitors.

  • Feedback and Improvement

    Gather feedback and improve your products and services based on customer input. Power CRM allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction.

  • 360-Degree Customer View

    Gain a complete view of each customer's history, preferences, and interactions. This holistic understanding allows you to provide personalized, targeted communication and offers.

  • Compliance and Security

    Power CRM helps you maintain data privacy and security, ensuring compliance with regulations. This instills trust in your customers and partners.

Regular Price ₹9999/Year

Next Live Sale will Start Soon, Please Join Our Community to get Notified

Wheelable Script + Get 100% Reselling Rights

Own it 2999/- Lifetime

wasender payment options

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Regular Price ₹9999/Year

Next Live Sale will Start Soon, Please Join Our Community to get Notified

Wheelable Script + Get 100% Reselling Rights

Own it 2999/- Lifetime

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use this CRM Without an Internet Connection on Localhost Installation?

Yes, you can use Power CRM by Vend Softwares without an internet connection on localhost installation. However, some features, such as Dropbox file chooser, Pusher.com real-time notifications, auto updates, Google reCaptcha, media, all online payment gateways, and E-Signature (v2.0.0 and above), will not be available in offline mode.

Why Can't I Add a Contact with a Duplicate Email?

Contacts’ email addresses must be unique due to the email piping/auto importing tickets feature and for login purposes. If an email address is not unique in the system database, the script won’t be able to link the imported ticket to the correct company.

How to Resolve HTTP ERROR 500?

If you encounter an HTTP ERROR 500, it indicates an error in the back-end that’s causing Power CRM by Vend Softwares to stop working. To identify the issue easily, it’s best to enable debug mode as explained here: Debug Mode Setup Guide. If the error messages are not clear, you can open a support ticket at Vend Softwares Support, and our team will assist you in resolving the issue promptly.

Is RTL Supported on PDF Documents?

Unfortunately, PDF documents generated by Power CRM by Vend Softwares are only available in LTR (Left-to-Right) direction.

Can I Use Cloudflare with Power CRM by Vend Softwares?

Yes, you can use Cloudflare with Power CRM by Vend Softwares, but it’s important to disable the Cloudflare Rocket Loader feature and clear your Cloudflare cache after each update. Refer to the following points for more information.

Can I Use Power CRM by Vend Softwares as a SaaS Application?

Unfortunately, Power CRM by Vend Softwares cannot be used as a SaaS application. Each extended license allows you to bill only one client. For more details on licenses, please call us at +917905665099

Do You Offer Customization Services?

We regret to inform you that we do not provide customization services or engage in custom work. If you have specific customization requirements, we recommend hiring another developer to fulfill your needs.

How to Enable Development/Debug Mode?

You can turn on debug mode to see error messages while developing custom features or if you encounter internal server errors. Follow these steps to enable it:

  • Locate the “index.php” file in the directory where Power CRM by Vend Softwares is installed.
  • Find the line: define('ENVIRONMENT', 'production');
  • Change it to: define('ENVIRONMENT', 'development');

Remember to switch back to “production” mode once you’ve finished debugging.

Can I Translate Power CRM by Vend Softwares?

Yes, you can easily translate Power CRM by Vend Softwares by following the documentation instructions provided.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Note: Some links may need to be updated with your own support and documentation URLs.

Let me know if you need any more revisions or have additional questions.

How to Report a Bug?

If you’re a customer and you’ve encountered a bug, please open a support ticket to receive assistance. If your support has expired and you cannot open a ticket, contact us at info[at]vendsoftwares[dot]com and provide detailed information about the issue. If you’re testing the demo and haven’t purchased Power CRM by Vend Softwares yet, please email us at info[at]vendsoftwares[dot]com to report any discovered bugs.

Where Should I Ask General Questions?

If you have general questions, feel free to contact us at support@vendsoftwares.com. For support-related questions, you can open a support ticket at Vend Softwares Support.

What Is Base URL?

Base URL is a Codeigniter required configuration and represents the URL where your system will be installed. For example:

  • If you are installing on a subdomain named “crm,” set the base URL as http://www.crm.domain.com/.
  • If you are installing in a subfolder named “crm,” set the base URL as http://www.domain.com/crm/.
  • If you are installing on the main domain, simply set the base URL as http://www.domain.com/.

Keep in mind that the base URL should end with a trailing slash (/). For SSL use, you can set it as https://www.yourdomain.com/crm/.

Can Non-Admin Staff Members See All Media Library Uploads?

Non-admin staff members won’t have access to all media library data. Each staff member has a separate folder inside the media/ folder on your server, except for administrators. Attachments uploaded by non-admin staff members are stored in their individual folders. If you later make a staff member an admin, they will be able to see all media uploads.

How to Hide the Help Menu Item?

To hide the help menu item, navigate to Setup -> Settings -> Misc and set “Show help menu item on setup menu” to “No.”

Why Does Table Export Only Export the Current Page?

Table export from the current view is designed this way to prevent crashes when dealing with a large amount of data in the database. You can export data by page, or you can select “All” from the top-left dropdown above the table headings and wait for all data from the database to load.

What Is the Reminders Feature in Power CRM by Vend Softwares?

The reminders feature in Power CRM by Vend Softwares is designed for staff members to help them keep track of necessary actions, such as calling customers or scheduling meetings. Reminders ensure that important tasks are not forgotten. You can set reminders for various elements, including Customers, Leads, Expenses, Invoices, Proposals, and more. This feature requires a cron job setup for proper functionality.

How to Swap Company and Customer Details in PDF?

In some countries, customer details need to be on the left side of PDF documents. With Power CRM by Vend Softwares, you can easily achieve this by navigating to Setup -> Settings -> PDF and setting “Swap Company/Customer Details” to “YES.”

Does Power CRM by Vend Softwares Support 3 Decimal Places?

No, Power CRM by Vend Softwares does not support 3 decimal places for numbers.

How to Hide Transactions on Invoice PDF?

If you do not want transactions/payments to be displayed on the invoice PDF document, you can turn off this feature by navigating to Setup -> Settings -> PDF and setting “Show invoice payments (transactions) on PDF” to “NO.

I Don’t See the Delete Button for Estimate/Invoice?

To maintain numbering without gaps, by default, the delete function is allowed only on the last created estimate/invoice. If you wish to disable this protection, navigate to Setup -> Settings -> Finance and find the following settings:

  • “Delete estimate allowed only on last estimate” – Set to “NO”
  • “Decrement estimate number on delete” – Set to “NO”

You can reset these settings to “YES” after you’ve deleted the desired estimate or invoice.

How to Increase the Max Upload Size?

To increase the maximum upload size, it’s recommended to consult your hosting provider. You may need to change two directives in your php.ini file: “upload_max_filesize” and “post_max_size.” They should be set to the same value. For example, to increase the max upload size to 64MB, add the following to your php.ini file:

upload_max_filesize = 64M post_max_size = 64M

Keep in mind that in most cases, you’ll need to restart Apache for the changes to take effect. If you’re using shared hosting, your hosting provider may offer a way to change these directives via the cPanel UI, with the restart being handled by the provider.

What Are the Server Requirements?

You can read more about the server requirements here.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@vendsoftwares.com.

Note: Some links have placeholders and should be replaced with actual URLs specific to your website and support channels.

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